Hello and Welcome,

My name is Dai – Dai Monday. I know; as a name it seriously sucks, but I prefer it to Dai Friday. If you’re going to peg it better it be on a Monday than a Friday when all the cool stuff like footie and Chinese take outs take place!

I live in a little town called Conwy. it’s not very big, but it does have this amazing Castle that rocks! It was built centuries ago by King Edward the First and me and Win (short for Winthrop) spend most of our time messing about within its walls. This amazing thing happened only last month on one of our visits – we met a ghost! Yeah I know: there’s no such thing as ghosts, just as there’s no such thing as King Arthur, or that’s what I thought until last month. My friend, Jenny O’Brien has written a book about our adventures, which hopefully will be available soon. In the meantime you will find out lots of great stuff here, and on my website about how we keep outsmarting the bullies in our area, in particular Guillim.


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  1. Thanks for the follow, nice blog you have here.


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